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Creating a new product vertical

When Audible—once a leading purveyor of audio books—can no longer count on its volume alone, how does it maintain its position in the digital audio space?

Nick Jonas on Audible Sleep

Helping America sleep better

1 in 3 Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. There is also a disparity in existing sleep aid options. We identified an opportunity to reinvigorate the Audible brand by creating and entering a new vertical.

Practical Future

Audible Sleep, a sleep experience that guides poor sleepers to better mornings through audio sessions.

Maximizing sleep by minimizing interaction

We designed a digital experience to be used specifically at night by emphasizing gentle motions and calm colors that promote healthy sleep.

Audible Sleep gradient color
Audible Sleep gradient color

Art Direction

"Color Haze" is our signature blurred color effect, designed to add a distinct layer to each image.

This treatment augments the emotional impact of our experience, with a dreamy warmth that draws you in, almost hypnotically. 

Pivoting in the Pandemic

Early in the pandemic, Audible rushed to provide Sleep content for free via Audible and Amazon in order to help a new wave of people struggling with sleep deprivation.

multiple screens showing Audible Sleep color gradients

From initial pilot within Audible app


Downloads of individual Audible Sleep titles in the first 4-5 days, 30% of those from non-members


Percentage of people who downloaded and re-engaged to try another one within two days

Our Role


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Digital Product

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